" setitis tinta bisa bercerita seribu hikayat menggegar dunia"

Alasan dunia ini diciptakan adalah untuk mengungkapkan
apa yang harus diketahui.

Dia menciptakan apa yang diketahuiNya
tanpa kelahiran dan rasa sakit,
engkau tidak dapat bermalas-malas barang sekejap
sampai hakikat dirimu diketemukan pada saatnya. ~JALALUDIN AR RUMI~

Hang on to Ramadhan

All Praise to Allah

Ramadan has ended and the Eid days have passed as well.
I pray that you had a fantastic time this Eid, celebrating
with your loved ones. Eid Mubarak!
This Ramadan was amazing, wasn't it? You still remember
all the emotion during the night prayers? The blessings of 
Ramadan are too much to count.

You were extraordinary during this past month, make sure
to hang on to it all!

Take the first step to begin a life journey like no other, insh'a Allah.
Don't let yourself go back to that ol' lifestyle you truly hated,

May Allah bless you!

p/s: Actually I'm  too busy to post something. 

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